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Library of Intellectual Properties

On the following pages are the Intellectual Properties which are currently available for licensing and media development. Questions about any of them can be sent to




One of the most fondly remembered comic series of the 1980s, The Justice Machine was the very FIRST super-team produced in the independent era. The Justice Machine was published from 1981 through 1992 by several companies and featured the work of John Byrne, Jack Kirby, and many other well-known comics creators.



The original Justice Machine comic series told of the adventures and tragedies that befell the six super-powered members of a law enforcement agency from the planet Georwell,  an alternate Earth. When they were branded as traitors, they fled to Earth through an interdimensional lock and found themselves cast in the roles of reluctant heroes.


The Machine appeared in The Justice Machine Source Book for the Heroes Unlimited role-playing game, making them the first comic book super-team to cross over into the growing game market.


Over the years, The Justice Machine crossed over with Tower Comics T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, Bill Willingham’s Elementals and Innovation’s The Hero Alliance, so the team is already part of a “shared universe.”



In summer of 2014, The Justice Machine: Object of Power graphic novel was released by Bluewater Productions.



From the 1980s into the second decade of the 21st century, the gears of the The Justice Machine keep rolling!


In a time of blockbuster super-hero movies, The Justice Machine is perfectly suited for TV or feature film development. Because of its great potential and cachet, this is a gem of a property.



In a galaxy ruled by interstellar corporations, it doesn’t take much to become an outlaw—just ask 24th century salvage expert Death Hawk and his protosymbiotic partner, Cyke.


These two hard-luck heroes and the beautiful but treacherous con-artist Vanessa Bouvier find themselves unwilling partners as they engage in a quest to discover the secrets behind the ancient alien race known as the Skril and the sole surviving relic of their culture – the mysterious Soulworm.



Death Hawk’s wry vision of the future includes giant worker ants, super-samurai, bloodthirsty chicken-men, and a whole planet of people bioengineered to be perfect…as well as murderous.





Thought by many to have been a partial inspiration for Joss Whedon’s Firefly, Death Hawk: The Soulworm Saga is blaster-blazing space opera with an irreverent tone similar to Guardians of The Galaxy.



Set in the same universe and time-frame as Death Hawk, Star Rangers features the adventures and travails of the crew of the Sabre, the last Frontier Battalion ship of the obsolete Star Rangers Corps.



Star Rangers5


When Commander Jon Blake and his misfit crew of conscripted criminals involve themselves in a weapons and drug-smuggling conspiracy between an interstellar corporation and a star-spanning criminal empire, they find themselves on the run from enemy and ally alike.



Star Rangers is a tough and hard-boiled SF adventure tonally similar to The Expanse and Battlestar Galactica. The property could easily be expanded into a film franchise or TV series. With the space opera genre now back on top of the pop culture pyramid, both Death Hawk and Star Rangers are perfectly suited to the make the transition to other media.




Martial arts mixed with mysticism, Ninja Elite follows Nightwind, the only female member of the fearsome Amita K’un—a band of shadow warriors on the world of Anoria.



When competition between the Trade Lords of the city-state of Padona breaks out into open warfare, Nightwind must choose between love and duty—as well face off against her most deadly foe, the vicious Ashikaga, known as The Wolf-Walker.



Packed with action, political intrigue, sorcery and featuring a strong female lead, Ninja Elite echoes the pseudo-medieval world of Game of Thrones.

NETHERWORLDS (Graphic Novel)


In the near future, the world is embroiled in a severe trade war. The United States is locked in an economic depression. Crime and violence have escalated to historically high levels. The entire world is threatened by spiritual darkness.

Conrad Pierce, a Native American construction worker, comes to understand the social upheaval he sees all around him is only a reflection a terrifying struggle occurring in an alternate reality—a reality that is impinging every day upon his own.


Pierce reluctantly realizes he is a spirit warrior, who must defend the soul of humanity on two worlds.


Action-packed but with a strong element of humor, Netherworlds is a great vehicle for a SF/Fantasy film or TV franchise in the vein of Ash Vs. The Evil Dead and Big Trouble In Little China.


Dedicated to uncovering the conspiracy behind the worship of ancient alien entities, The Miskatonic Project battles the unspeakable threat of the loathsome Cthulhu and his spawn, such as the insectoid Mi-Go and the undersea Deep Ones.

Miskatonic Project

Operating out of Miskatonic University, the group directly challenges the legions of Cthulhu, preventing the Old Ones from regaining their mastery over humankind.


SMCthulhu 4RYLEH

Based on concepts created by famed horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, The Miskatonic Project features a cast of continuing characters like Justin Sabbath, Fleur Averiogne, August Grant as well as those drawn from original Lovecraft tales—Randolph Carter, Herbert West The Reanimator and NYPD detective Dennis Malone.

SM003Miskatonic B-Team


Although a period piece—set in the 1920s—The Miskatonic Project could easily be updated and crafted as a series in the vein of Torchwood or Fringe.



A chilly draft from doomsday… The vile plague of Baron Orlock, The Nosferatu, stretches across history from Dark Ages Europe to modern day Manhattan in this compelling prelude and sequel to the legendary F.W. Murnau film, Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horrors.


No vampiric figure is more iconic or terrifyingly memorable than Nosferatu…a cadaverous monster with a calculating glint of utter evil in his hellish eyes who feasts not just on human blood but human souls.



This classic of undead horror has been reimagined as a horror story and social commentary that presages Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain.

LAKOTA(graphic novel)



Jason Redquill is a scientist, historian and a Native American activist. He is also Lakota, the traditional guardian of his people’s ancient lands and artifacts.

Page 2

Jason contends with the skin-walker known as Towasi, the Owl Prophet who seeks to reclaim native lands by resurrecting the ancient evil of the Thunder Makers—a race of non-human creatures imprisoned ages ago by Sioux medicine men.

Page 3smjpg

Lakota is blazing action-adventure with overtones of humor and the supernatural, featuring a quirky lead character who is part Black Panther and Tony Stark.



Lakota is a unique, exciting property with a wide appeal to lovers of pulp, the supernatural and Native American lore.

KSM coverblog

King Solomon’s Mines– one of the most seminal novels in the history of adventure fiction is reimagined as a colorful exploration of the heart of the Dark Continent at the dawn of the 20th century.


Alan Quatermain, the iconic template for adventure heroes such Tarzan and Indiana Jones, teams with the beautiful Princess Ignosa in a quest to find the legendary treasure vaults of King Solomon.

page 13blog

Along the way they face dangers from human and animal threats alike…and once they enter the Mines, black magic and the undead trap them there—perhaps for eternity!



King Solomon’s Mines is a new take on a classic tale, with a much more dynamic version of Quatermain than has ever been seen before.


King Solomon’s Mines is the first graphic novel entry in the Classics Reimagined series, putting forth a “shared universe” where recrafted versions of Professor Challenger, Captain Nemo and other classic literary characters co-exist.

Sepiathree figure

Gulliver teaseraltered

The FIRST Interplanetary Hero Returns in Gulliver of Mars: Beyond the War of the Worlds!

Before John Carter, before Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers, there was Gulliver Jones! 

First appearing in Edwin Arnold’s 1904 novel, Lt. Gulliver Jones: His Vacation, the  hero predated John Carter’s debut in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars by seven years.

Gulliver of Mars cover by Frank Frazetta

Gulliver Jones, a US Naval lieutenant serving aboard the USS Carolina is on leave in late 19th century Manhattan when an old man apparently tumbles out of the sky to land at his feet.

The man dies and his only possessions, a crystal on a neck thong and a strange rug covered with symbols are given to Gully… as he is affectionately called.

Later, as Gully examines the rug and ruminates about his stalled military career (as well as his fiancee’ Polly), he finds himself mysteriously transported to Mars, whisked there by the rug, which acts superficially like a magic carpet. There he finds himself plunged into with wild adventures with Princess Heru and the apish barbarian lord Ar-Hap.

In the early 70s, Marvel published a very broad adaptation of the book in their Creatures on the Loose title.


 Gulliver of Mars: Beyond the War of the Worlds is a sequel to Arnold’s original novel and HG Wells’ immortal War of the Worlds, but with a spin on both.
PanelPg 1

Although there is a prologue during the Martian war-machine invasion of London, the majority of the story takes place 14 months after the death of the invaders due to bacterological infection.

In the graphic novel, the alien technology has been back-engineered by Nikola Tesla.  Financed by world governments as well as private individuals, the flagship of the newly-formed United Spaceonautical Service is ready to launch.

Gulliver has been promoted to captain due to his heroic actions aboard the USS Carolina during the Martian attack on Manhattan, His ship was destroyed and the flagship of the new service has been named the Carolina in her honor.
Because Gully is the only Earthman who has ever been to Mars–or so his superiors think–he is chosen to command the vessel.
Gully--Bridge of the Carolina
The mission is to launch a deadly strike on Mars, practicing germ warfare to make sure another attack will never happen.

Despite a rather dark jumping-off, the story is multi-layered, emotional, filled with colorful villains, smart-ass heroes, fights, alien monsters and of course…beautiful women.


Gulliver of Mars: Beyond the War of the Worlds is a unique, action-packed steam-punk space opera, blended with elements of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the Wild Wild West. 




BLACK AMAZON OF MARS is a graphic novel adaptation of the classic tale of interplanetary adventure featuring Leigh Brackett’s  Eric John Stark…one of the most fondly remembered characters from the days of SF pulp magazines such as Planet Stories.


Raised by primitive humanoids in Mercury’s “Twlight Belt” and called by them N’Chaka (Man-Without-A-Tribe), Stark is a mercenary, but he fights only the side of oppressed indigenous people, usually against Earth-based corporations.



In Black Amazon of Mars, Stark is on the run in the desolate Drylands of Mars after a disastrous ambush by the security forces of  Terro-Venusian Metals.


When he promises a dying comrade to return a stolen talisman to its rightful place, he finds himself pitted against the army of the implacable Cirian…the fearsome Black Amazon of Mars.



While trying to fulfill his promise, Stark battles nature, men and even a race of undying Martians at the Gates of Death!


Black Amazon of Mars is a high-adventure SF property perfectly suited for development as a TV series or a feature film.


(art on this page by David Enebral, Jason Jensen, Michael Gustovich, Jeff Butler, Darryl Banks, Jack Kirby, Adam Hughes, Robert Lewis, Deirdre DeLay, Rik Levins, Jim Mooney, Melissa Martin-Ellis, Dave Dorman, Gabrielle Morrisette, Franc Reyes, Ian McCaig, Don Heck, David Mack, Richard Pace, Pablo Marcos, Jeff Slemons, Steven E. Gordon, Jay Piscopo, Frank Frazetta, Dean Zachary, Gil Kane, Preston Asevedo and Reno Maniquis.)