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Every creator has a project they believe could be a success, should be a success and would be a success if only (fill-in- the-blank) happened. I’ve had several like that, but here’s the tale of the one I think really coulda-shoulda-woulda. In 2004, I created a new novel series for Gold Eagle called OFFWORLD OPS.  … Continue reading »

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We were very busy during our first year here in Ireland…establishing our legal residency, setting up a new household, familiarizing ourselves with the area, buying a car and all those attendant complications were a just a few of the things we had to deal with. During that time, I made a return creating comics, writing … Continue reading »

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Catchin’ Up!

Due to various and sundry issues—the least of which was a technical glitch which made it impossible to update my site or post a new blog entry—there is a considerable amount of catching up to do. In our last episode (“Wearin’ of The Grin” December 3rd, 2016), Mark (“James Axler”) Ellis announced that he and his … Continue reading »

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Wearin’ Of The Grin…

As we inch toward the end of another year, there’s no way to ignore the tides of change. On the professional front over the last few months I’ve been involved in a couple of time-consuming creative projects that I couldn’t really talk about due to pesky non-disclosure agreements. But here’s a little visual tease: I’ve … Continue reading »

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Summer Breeze—Blowin’ Through the Something-Something In My Mind

This blog kinda wafts around, full of  announcements and reviews, much like a summer breeze. First up is an announcement: the long-promised second book in THE SPUR series, HELLDORADO is now available, both as an ebook and an affordable paperback! It took me long enough since the release of the first book, LOKI’S ROCK, but … Continue reading »

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Milestones and Memories…

The problem I have with writing blog entries is that I tend to wait until I have something momentous –subjectively speaking, of course—to write about. As many of my creative-type colleagues will attest, sometimes there’s really nothing all that interesting on the work front.  Currently, I’m involved in a couple of projects, both of which … Continue reading »

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Doc Savage, Satan’s Spine and Spectre!

This is probably my end-of-the-year blog post…and it comprises a book and movie review. THE WILD ADVENTURES OF DOC SAVAGE: THE SECRET OF SATAN’S SPINE Although I enjoy the Doc Savage novels featuring super-villains with their infernal machines, I have an abiding fondness for the “weird mystery” plot with gangsters and other criminal types as … Continue reading »

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How I Spent My Summer (un)Vacation

I didn’t really have a vacation this summer but I did enjoy a few summer type activities…watching movies and reading books…some of which I’ve been meaning to review for months. Movies first: The Avengers: Age of Ultron was slightly less impressive than the first entry but I loved it nonetheless.  Intelligently written, with a fascinating … Continue reading »

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Kreegah! Tarzan Returns In A Big Way!

I’m not sure, but I think my first exposure to Tarzan was TARZAN THE MAGNFICIENT,  starring Gordon Scott as the Lord of The Jungle. Being very young , I don’t recall being overly impressed by the film—maybe because as one of the later entries in the long-running series, the tone was dark and Tarzan presented … Continue reading »

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Cryptozoica…The Monster (Book) That Refused To Die!

It’s no secret I’ve written a lot of stuff over the years…from comics to graphic novels to a whole lot of regular ol’ novels. I suppose when you get right down to it, CRYPTOZOICA is my favorite book…and apparently it’s the favorite of a lot of other people, regardless of all those books I wrote in … Continue reading »

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