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Summer Spectacular!

Posted by on May 17, 2015



The problem with regular blog updates is that I prefer to actually have something to post about rather than a series of disconnected observations, opinions or personal anecdotes.

So, sometimes there’s a lengthy space between blogs…partly due to the fact that in the field in which I work, progress rarely moves at speeds other than arthritically slow.

But now, as spring edges into summer, I have a number of things to post about.

First and foremost, the long-awaited KING SOLOMON’S MINES graphic novel by the legendary Pablo Marcos and myself is finally on sale—first on Amazon and soon just about everywhere else.

KSM coverblog

Beautifully designed by Melissa Martin Ellis (best-selling author and not so coincidentally my wife), KING SOLOMON’S MINES showcases Pablo’s strengths as an artist and mine as a visual storyteller.

page 9sm

I worked with Pablo using the thumbnail/layout method rather a script. I find writing comic scripts a very dull and mechanical process…not to mention, it’s very easy to write script telling the artist to draw 500 Zulu warriors…if the writer takes some of the labor upon himself, he’s able to have more input into the finished page.

KSMLAYOUTPG13page 13blog

I’ve worked this way in comics for years, and most of the artists I’ve collaborated with prefer it to full script.

KSMpage 37

Published in association with Stephan Friedt’s Ying-Ko Graphics, our take on H.R. Haggard’s classic tale is filled with savage adventure in the dark heart of late 19th century Africa but with a few twists…particularly with the introduction of Princess Ignosa.

KSMpage 24-1

Even if I say so myself—and I do, I do—KING SOLOMON’S MINES is a colorful, action-packed action-adventure…but It’s also a love story.


You can order the print edition from Amazon here:


Also—THE FALCON RESURRECTED audio book has been released!


The print and Kindle editions came out last August and were very well received.  With the audio book, Lance R. Axt has done a fantastic job with both the narration and production.

THE FALCON RESURRECTED is a thriller with a race-against-time plot to save Europe from a nuclear holocaust—but it’s a little more than that since the book features the return of a once-very popular adventure character from the 1930s, 40s and 50s.


The Falcon might be described as a blend between The Saint and James Bond. In fact, The Falcon predates James Bond but has a rather strange connection to The Saint. You can learn more about him—and the book—here:


You can order THE FALCON RESURRECTED audio book at this link:


I’m a little hesitant to post about the possible return of THE JUSTICE MACHINE, since there’ve been several “almosts” over the last four years, finally culminating in the release last June of THE OBJECT OF POWER graphic novel.


Since then, particularly as the Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere drew near, I’ve been queried (even pestered) by numerous parties about the movie/digital and gaming rights to The Justice Machine.

Those of you who are Facebook friends might have read some of my posts about the bottom-feeding nature of most of these queries. Rather than repeat them here, let me recap—my creative history with the Justice Machine goes back to 1989 when I took over the scripting reins of the title.


I’ve owned the rights to the Justice Machine for the last 24 years and I’m very aware of its value as an intellectual property…more so now than ever before.


As the first super-hero team published at the dawn of the independent era in 1981, The Justice Machine possesses a substantial chunk of cachet, particularly when you factor in all the back issues which represent a potential digital gold mine. It’s also one of the few major super-hero comic properties NOT owned by a corporation.


So when a few of these guys approached me with the opening gambit that the Justice Machine was worthless and they’d be willing to take the property off my hands for the equivalent of a soiled wig and a bag of ribbon candy, they seemed hurt when my reaction was somewhat less than cordial. A couple of them got kind of crybaby about it.


I mean, c’mon…if it’s not worth anything, then why do you want it? If you want it, then it stands to reason it’s worth something. You don’t think I’m gonna make that connection?

Recently, it appears that trend might be on its way to being reversed.  A third-party partnership deal is pending, and if goes through, we’ll be starting off with new editions of THE JUSTICE MACHINE: THE CHIMERA CONSPIRACY and the OBJECT OF POWER.


THE CHIMERA CONSPIRACY is the two-parter that unwittingly served as the last storyline of the Justice Machine comic series from 1992.












Featuring great artwork by Darryl Banks, both parts will be digitally enhanced and repackaged as an affordable TPB and eBook…the story is also the direct lead-in to the OBJECT OF POWER graphic novel, which will be released shortly thereafter as a two volume set.

After that, the plan is for new Justice Machine material to be produced on a regular basis as well as making all the back issues available as digital downloads.

I’m cautiously optimistic that these projects will see fruition in very near future…like within a month or so.

Hopefully, I’ll have more detailed information before too much longer…and I can post another Summer Spectacular blog. Another summer treat to look forward to, huh?