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Catchin’ Up!

Posted by on April 24, 2018

Due to various and sundry issues—the least of which was a technical glitch which made it impossible to update my site or post a new blog entry—there is a considerable amount of catching up to do.

In our last episode (“Wearin’ of The Grin” December 3rd, 2016), Mark (“James Axler”) Ellis announced that he and his lovely bride Melissa (“She Who Must Be Obeyed”) Ellis had sold their home of 20 years in Newport RI and were shortly absquatulating for the wilds of west Cork, Ireland.

As we pick up the story over sixteen months later, we find our protagonists firmly and fully planted in the Republic of Ireland. 

Uprooting ourselves and our household to embark on an international move was quite probably the hardest thing Melissa and I have ever done as adults…not necessarily the most stressful–although there was plenty of that ingredient in the mix.

It took me longer than it should have to face up to the fact that our 100 year old home in Newport RI was not getting any younger and neither was I.

In reality, moving to Ireland had been been Plan A over twenty years ago. Moving back to Newport was  Plan B…not that it was a bad choice at the time. Twenty years ago, Ireland had yet to become part of the EU nor had we gotten our citizenship.

During the packing up in January of 2017, both Melissa and I contracted the flu bug which ravaged the Northeast that winter and so working while sick–and I DO mean working and I DO mean sick–could have made the whole experience nightmarish instead of just grim.

(I also came to the unhappy realization during the process that after decades of what I called “collecting”, I was barely *this* side of being a hoarder and so I swore…never again)

Quite fortunately, our angels cleared the path for us and sent even more angels to help us achieve our goal–our dear friends Wayne Quackenbush, Susan Corkoran, Carolyn Dipasquale, Susan and Clifford Kurz, Carol Martins and Elizabeth Bell Caroll were true godsends.

Just when the going got the most Sisyphian and we didn’t think we’d ever manage to pull it off, even more angels appeared…some of them in the most unlikely of guises.

After a stretch of working 10 hour days, seven days a week, on January 19th we finally pulled it off…got the house cleared out and sale finalized. After we sold our car a day or so later, we enjoyed a week of badly needed R and R in Florida at the home of daughter Deirdre and son-in-law John.

Then it was back to New England for a day and then onto Ireland, flying out from Boston.

So, for the last sixteen-plus months, we’ve lived in a beautiful house in a breath-takingly beautiful part of Ireland, rich in history and ancient myth.

Like I’ve said for years…in Ireland, the past has not stopped breathing.

We encountered some challenges, particularly during the first couple of weeks while we groped our way through the Draconian rules of the Irish customs division. But it all worked out fine in the end. We’ve learned that almost everything works out fine in the end here, if you rein down your American-bred impatience for a bit.

It’s said you bring your happiness–or unhappiness–with you where ever you go. Fortunately, we were able to carry most of the happiness of our years in Newport with us here, as well as the things that make houses homes.

We’ve been blessed to have met some great, supportive people here who helped ease the transition enormously.

To sum up…we’re happy and healthy and feel better overall than we have in years.

Now that my site and blog are back and up and running thanks to daughter Deirdre, I’ll be making more regular posts.

Plenty of stuff has happened, both on the personal and professional front. In my next entry—hopefully within the next few days— I’ll be posting about my most recent comics work, my most recent novel, Parallax Prime: Of Dire Chimeras and a review of Mr. Calamity, the latest Doc Savage novel by Will (Kenneth Robeson) Murray.

Be here!