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Summer Spectacular!

  The problem with regular blog updates is that I prefer to actually have something to post about rather than a series of disconnected observations, opinions or personal anecdotes. So, sometimes there’s a lengthy space between blogs…partly due to the fact that in the field in which I work, progress rarely moves at speeds other than … Continue reading »

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As everybody knows, Birdman won the Best Picture Oscar for 2014…a film that has a tangential connection to super-hero films….whereas both Captain America II: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of The Galaxy—box office blockbusters—were ignored. In my opinion, Birdman was a lugubriously paced, self-indulgent and altogether unengaging movie about NOTHING…the total opposite of Cap2 and … Continue reading »

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Writing The Detectives

Although it’s not widely known (and why should it be?), my first foray into establishing myself as a “serious” writer was with a hard-boiled detective novel. Through the spring and summer of 1978, I was laid up with a broken leg. I lived in Central Florida at the time, so having my left leg encased … Continue reading »

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Gold Eagle Folds Its Wings

I tried out a couple of headlines—like “Gold Eagle falls from the nest” or “I Watched An Imprint Kill Itself” but neither really worked for me. For the non-cognoscenti, Gold Eagle is/was an imprint of Harlequin Publishing, being formed in 1980 to publish Don Pendleton’s Mack Bolan The Executioner series. In 1981-2, it became the … Continue reading »

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For once, I’ve got a number of things to talk about but not enough space. I’ll spread those things out over the next couple of blogs. First, I want to talk about This is a 48 page graphic novel that I’ve been working on with the legendary artist, Pablo Marcos, for quite some time. When … Continue reading »

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The Falcon Takes Wing Again!

The 1930s and 40s were more than the Golden Age of pulp and comic-book characters…they were also the heyday of movie and radio heroes…many of them served as the templates for what became known as “action heroes.” There was Boston Blackie, Bulldog Drummond, The Lone Wolf, Nick Carter and even the Man Called X. Among the … Continue reading »

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Those of you who have followed this blog and my Facebook pages are aware of the long and complicated road to the publication of The Justice Machine: Object of Power graphic novel. If not, everything you need to know about The Justice Machine can be found here: But to recap: The Justice Machine was one … Continue reading »

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New Year, New Stuff!

It’s taken me over a month, but I’m finally managing to make my first blog entry of the New Year…there are a number of reasons for the delay, most of them not very interesting but simple procrastination played a significant role. First up is a review of Will Murray’s latest entry into his new series … Continue reading »

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Nosferatu Rises Again–Digitally!

“If there was ever in the world a warranted and proven history, it is that of vampires–the evidence is all embracing.” —Jean Jacque Rousseau In the lexicon of vampire characters, there are surprisingly few who have transcended the works in which they originally appeared to become icons. Only two names are genuinely recognizable and both are archetypes: … Continue reading »

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Another “note” Eva passed onto me from somebody at Gold Eagle with editorial aspirations was a suggestion to change the code-name for the so-called alien organization from “Archon Directorate” to “Argon Directorate.” In Gnostic lore, Archons are otherworldly entities who act as jailers for the human spirit to prevent a full communion with the divine…the … Continue reading »

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