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Thanks for stopping by my site.PROFILEPICLike most creative folks, I can look back with a combination of ennui and shame on a checkered employment history…let’s see, in no particular order, I’ve worked as a phosphate miner, cattle wrangler, orange picker, a second-rate bassist in a couple of first-rate rock bands, store detective, resume’ writer and a refrigeration engineer.

Rather than delve into the irrelevancies about working as a journalist, a newspaper columnist, a white-collar copywriter and all the other yadda-yadda of a full-time writing career that began over 25 years ago, let’s get down to the grue.

I make my living as a creator. I was formerly a comics scripter for various independent publishers and the main writer, conceptulizer and editor of the late (and somewhat unlamented) Millennium Publications.

MDeathHawky credentials in the comic book field include critically acclaimed stints on Doc Savage, The Wild, Wild West, H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu and many others. I’ve worked with comic legends such as the legendary Jim Mooney, Don Heck, Darryl Banks, Adam Hughes and Pablo Marcos. I also gave the great (and tragically late) Mike Wieringo his first comics assignment (Doc Savage: Doom Dynasty) in my capacity of editor of Millennium.

Melissa, my wife of 35 years, and I live in Newport, Rhode Island–a friendly seaside community (despite what tourists who’ve been arrested for public drunkenness might claim) on the rocky New England coast.

We have one child, our daughter Deirdre who lives in Florida with her husband John Pierpoint. Both of them are very successful web-designers. This site is an example of her brilliant work. Thanks, Deirdre!

Melissa and I teach writer’s workshops and moderate writer’s groups in the area. The longest-lived is our own Newport Round Table, which meets every Monday evening at 7 PM.

Melissa is a well-known professional photographer and writer.

We co-authored The Everything Guide to Writing Graphic Novels book and she is the sole author of the international best-seller, The Everything Ghost-Hunting Book, now available in two editions. Check out the links page for her site and those pertaining to our writer’s groups.

covertinyE-Ghost Hunting

I’ve been featured in Starlog Magazine, Comics Scene Magazine, Comics Buyer’s Guide and Fangoria  Magazine. I’ve also been interviewed by Robert Siegel for NPR’s All Things Considered.

So now that you’ve come this far, please take a look around, enjoy the cover gallery and I hope you visit often!.